A GitHub Action to check if a repo conforms to some directory structure

GitHub Actions rock. I had always wanted to create a re-usable action for others to benefit from. An opportunity came up as I was thinking about making some more Pull-Requests to dblstd.

What the heck is this dblstd ?

dblstd is a command-line tool that aims to helps developers/teams check their project structure to verify that some required files/directories are included in a project. The goal is to enforce standard project structures for teams.

The dblstd-action

The dblstd action basically uses dblstd to check the structure of the repository and can be configured to run on every pull request or tag. It's a simple action that literally doesn't have any code. It just clones the dblstd binary and runs it on the repo with option for which shape file to use to check the repo.

You can checkout the action here: github.com/zikani03/dblstd-action