Are you a software glutton too?

Are you a software glutton too?

I just realized I may be a glutton for software libraries/tools. I don't yet know if that's a bad thing. Basically what I am referring to is my interest in trying and tinkering with as many software libraries as possible. I love to try things and every time I discover a (new) library or tool I try to make time to test it and see what it offers; whether it deserves a space on my infinite canvas of software tools. Of course, I do prioritize tools and libraries that seem to solve the problem at hand as soon as possible if it's work-related. Some factors I consider in such cases include popularity, documentation, usability, stability, maintenance history etc...

However, for a glutton - on personal projects and when tinkering, this is not enough. They want to be able to know for sure what the differences are and what attributes make two or more solutions different. Sometimes, they may publish these comparisons - this can be seen as a benefit of such gluttony, a public service - saving some other soul some time at the expense of your own.

Note: Maybe gluttony is not the right word choice but it's all I could think of.

Unfortunately for the glutton, software is growing at a rapid rate, and developers keep coming up with new ideas, spin-offs and takes of their own on problems or tools that have been done before. So many damn GitHub repositories. If you don't limit yourself on what you consume you may find yourself feeling anxiety as a result of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which can affect you negatively in the long run. Maybe this is why the old timers and sages retreat to their small set of tools they know very well and ignore the rest of the world only to take a peek now and then until something catches their attention enough to bring them out of the cocoon of "what I have works well enough". I don't know.

Is this what they mean when they say software will eat the world? /s